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6-Panel Sheer Voile 21 FT Ceiling Draping Kit (44 FT Wide)[EDD-CEILING-6-21]

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Our elegant Sheer Voile Ceiling Draping Kits are designed to be lightweight and strong. This kit includes everything expected to hang and introduce on most ceiling types. Kit contains all hardware along with six (6) 21ft x 10ft Sheer Voile Ceiling Draping Panel (44 Feet Wide)

How to Hang Ceiling Draping

Our Ceiling Draping Kits are designed for easy 1-person installation and removal.

Step 1. Simply assemble and arrange the draping and hardware on the floor below where you will be hanging it

Step 2. Using a ladder or scissor lift, raise and attach the center hoop to the ceiling using the included C-Hooks. Depending on the ceiling type, you may find our magnetic hooks or hinged polycarbonate hooks useful in establishing hooking points on the ceiling.

Step 3. Now raise each of the panel ends to the ceiling in the same fashion as the center hoop. You can rest the ends of each ceiling tube in the C-hooks.

Step 4. Stand back and enjoy the total transformation that your ceiling draping kit has created.

Our Premium Ceiling Draping Sheer is machine-washable (CALL US FOR WASHING TIPS)

Also available: Magnetic Hook Kit & Starlight Lighting Kit.

Other sheer colors are available. Call for details!

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6-Panel 21ft Ceiling Draping Kit
Each Ceiling Draping Kit Includes:

20 Inch Aluminum Ceiling Hoop (Opens to allow sheer panels to be attached)

10 Foot Wide Premium Sheer Panels w/Natural Edges and Extra-Large 4" Rod Pockets on Both Ends

Arylic End Tubes with Sheer-Positioning Pins

Hinged Polycarbonate Hooks Designed to Work with Dropped Ceilings


Add On:

Starlight Lighting Kit - Our starlight lighting kit features strands of extra-long 40ft white lights which are designed to be installed along every other sheer panel. All strings are to meet at the center hoop. You will need to provide a white extension cord which will travel along one of the panels and to a wall outlet or, ideally, there will be a ceiling outlet available nearby.

Magnetic Hook Kit- Our magnetic hook kits have been specifically designed to work with individual ceiling kits and feature two types of magnets: 60mm Super Magnets (Supports up to 249lbs) and 42mm Super Magnets (Supports up to 150lbs). The larger magnets are designed to provide hook point(s) for the ceiling hoop and the smaller magnets provide hook points for the ceiling tubes. You can then use C-Hooks and Chains to connect the ceiling to the magnetic hooks.
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