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EZ Series - 2-Piece Adjustable Upright w/Slip-Lock (6FT - 10FT)[EDD-GE-B254]

EZ Series - 2-Piece Adjustable Upright w/Slip-Lock (6FT - 10FT)
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EZ Series Professional Adjustable 3-Piece Telescoping Upright for backdrops and displays.

  • Quick height adjustments allow for accurate and easy setup
  • No tools required
  • Quickly adjust to any height within the rated range
  • Perfect for wedding and event decorators
  • No knobs to adjust
  • Anodized coated equipment for long lasting protection

Slip-Lock Technology

All EZ Series uprights come equipped with Slip-Lock collar. Collar works by locking automatically as pole is raised. The unique 'ball-taper' locking mechanism engages with the weight of the raised pole. The more weight on it, the tighter it locks. To release the lock, just raise the inner pole and raise the release ring. Slip-Lock technology allows for simple raising and lowering of tall and heavy backdrops without the risk of injury. It is the preferred method for wedding and event decorators. So easy you can do it with one hand!

NOTE: Do to variation between manufacturing runs the locking collar may differ in color (silver or black). This does not affect the quality or functionality of the pipe.

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Accepted Payment Methods
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Instructional Classes Available at The Institute of Wedding & Event Design (IWED) or call 1-800-504-7615

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